Our Team

Our team brings experience and professionalism to the task of serving our members.

Our commitment to our vision and values supports our work as we deliver the best possible experience to our membership. Over the past 30 years, our focus on local government liability claims has helped us develop a high level of expertise in this area. Our staff are regularly approached by the province and other organizations to participate in task forces and working groups to assist in policymaking that affects local governments. We share our expertise and serve our members by ensuring their interests are considered by those in a position to effect change.


Claudia Chan

Claudia Chan

Manager of Digital Strategy and Technology

Email: cchan@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6345

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Kynan Pacunana

Office Services Assistant

Email: kpacunana@miabc.org

Phone: 604-343-8582


Manuel Orellana

Digital Strategy Analyst

Email: morellana@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-9485

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Mayara Iunes

Office Services Coordinator

Email: miunes@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6347

Megan Chorlton headshot

Megan Chorlton

Chief Executive Officer

Email: mchorlton@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6348


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Alex Wu

Claims Examiner

Email: awu@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6363

Bryan Wong

Bryan Wong

Road Adjuster

Email: bwong@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-7031

David Hooper Headshot

David Hooper

Claims Examiner

Email: dhooper@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6346

David Tupper Headshot

David Tupper

Claims & Risk Analyst

Email: dtupper@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6353

Kevin Travis

Kevin Travis

Claims Examiner

Email: ktravis@miabc.org

Phone: 604-757-7277

Michelle Stewart headshot

Michelle Stewart

Claims Examiner

Email: mstewart@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6359

Steven Gares headshot

Steven Gares

Manager of Claims

Email: sgares@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6354


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Farnoush Ghorbanian

Accounting Technician

Email: fghorbanian@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6361

Maria Creighton Headshot

Maria Creighton

Chief Financial Officer

Email: mcreighton@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6352


Peter Uyeyama


Email: puyeyama@miabc.org

Phone: 604-343-8581

Pritika Pratap headshot

Pritika Pratap


Email: ppratap@miabc.org

Phone: 604-343-8581

Insurance Services

Erica Shi Headshot

Erica Shi

Program Specialist & Broker

Email: eshi@miabc.org

Phone: 778-724-4509

Jacinta Wu

Jacinta Wu

Risk Management Advisor

Email: jwu@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6362

Marina Sen headshot

Marina Sen

Manager of Member Engagement

Email: msen@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6364


Nedia Vanderelst

Member Representative & Broker

Email: nvanderelst@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-7042

Nicole Purves headshot

Nicole Trevethan

Director of Insurance Services

Email: npurves@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6360

Sandra Mayo headshot

Sandra Mayo

Manager of Risk Management Services

Email: smayo@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6401

Satvinder Sekhon

Satvinder Kaur Sekhon

Insurance Services Administrator

Email: ssekhon@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6350


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Anna Iacoviello

Legal Assistant

Email: aIacoviello@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6357

Brian Lee headshot

Brian Lee

Legal Counsel

Email: blee@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6355

Headshot of Dana Romanick

Dana Romanick

Legal Counsel

Email: dromanick@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6349

Liz cropped

Elizabeth Wong

Legal Counsel

Email: ewong@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6351

MIABC logo on a blue background

Janet Kwong

Legal Counsel

Email: jkwong@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6351

Judy Yee headshot

Judy Yee

Legal Assistant

Email: jyee@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6358

Maryam Sherkat

Maryam Z. Sherkat

General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer

Email: msherkat@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6356

Sam cropped

Samantha Boyce

Manager of Strategic Innovation & Assistant General Counsel

Email: sboyce@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-6365

Tristan cropped

Tristan James

Legal Counsel

Email: tjames@miabc.org

Phone: 604-449-5741