Loss Control Program

Protect your community from potential liability and losses.

The MIABC’s Loss Control Program provides members with services focused on highlighting potential liability and losses arising from local government property, strengthening policies and documentation, and improving the risk intelligence of members and staff through training. The Loss Control Program was expanded to provide additional unique services, which are outlined in the Menu of Services.

Member Points

In the program, each member is allocated a certain number of points that they can use to obtain loss control services. These points are allocated annually and are equal to the number of inspections members were entitled to under the former Loss Control Inspection Program. These points can be used for various services, and points unused at the end of each year will be rolled forward for future use. A maximum of 160 points can be used each year.

Member GroupInspection Allocation Under Old ProgramPoint Allocation Under New Program
AOne inspection every three years27 points
BOne inspection every two years40 points
COne inspection every year80 points
DTwo inspections every year160 points

If you do not have enough points for a particular loss control service in any given year, ask us how you can use Risk Management Grant funds to possibly obtain additional loss control services.

Menu of Service Options

The Loss Control Program services fall into four distinct areas with suggested timing for the delivery of each service.

We understand that the suggested timing may not be achievable or desirable in all cases. We work with members to find the appropriate timing, while balancing available resources.

DISCLAIMER: Advice received through the Loss Control Program does not constitute legal advice. Points per service are subject to change and will only be valid for the current calendar year.