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Claim Experience Analysis

Our members receive risk management advice when we close claims.

These are based on their own experience and our history of claims-related data. Our members’ past claims experience can be helpful in identifying and minimizing future risks. As a result, we ensure our Claims Department and Member Services Department do not operate in isolation.

Closed Claim File Review

Every time the MIABC makes an indemnity payment on a claim, the Claims Examiner who handled the file provides it to our Risk Management Advisor who then reviews the facts and provides the member with advice on avoiding similar claims. In this way, we strive to “close the loop” of risk exposure for members.

Claims Data Analysis

The MIABC’s long history as B.C.’s local government insurer means we have a wealth of claims data at our fingertips. Using information collected over the past three decades, we provide members with tailored, high-level claims summaries and research on areas of significant loss exposure.

For smaller members without a long claims history, we provide an anonymous comparison with similar local governments to highlight likely areas of exposure. These complementary reports are tailored to the needs of the requesting member. By sharing information in this manner, we aim to help our members allocate their risk management resources more efficiently.