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Liability Coverage

Coverage designed for local governments, by local governments.

Coverage under the program is tailored for our members’ needs. Our members are in control of the coverage and can vote to expand or contract the coverage as circumstances change. The MIABC’s Liability Protection Agreement is the insurance policy which sets out the coverage members receive under the Liability Insurance Program. It provides coverage for a wide range of insureds including:

  • Elected officials, staff and volunteers, including volunteer firefighters;
  • Member owned entities;
  • Societies created by Council; and
  • Some local government service providers.


The Liability Protection Agreement is broken down into three coverage categories:

The world is constantly changing and local governments face evolving risks. As a member of an insurance pool, you can contact our staff and suggest areas where we might want to change coverage under the Liability Protection Agreement.

Our staff will research the suggestion, make a recommendation to our Board of Directors and, if approved, bring it forward to the membership for a vote at the Annual General Meeting in September each year.

Members can obtain more information about the specific coverage offered under the Liability Protection Agreement.