North Saanich Municipal Hall

Property Insurance

A one-stop shop for property insurance needs.

Our Property Insurance Program adopts the best features from the many insurance policies we’ve reviewed. In 2014, we launched our Property Insurance Program in response to our members’ request for a “one-stop shop” for insurance. Now, local governments can come to the MIABC for all of their insurance needs.

Our Approach

Our property insurance policy provides blanket coverage for property of every description with no co-insurance requirement, coverage for business interruption associated with property losses, and crime coverage. Our staff continuously reviews the commercial insurance market to ensure that our members receive the best possible insurance coverage, tailored to local government operations.

Overall, our approach has been to build a program that offers an excellent product and to deliver it with the same commitment to stable pricing and exceptional service that has always been a feature of our liability program.

Evolving Coverage

Much like our Liability Protection Agreement, the Property Insurance Agreement will continuously evolve and expand over time. The MIABC creates insurance products that are developed to meet the evolving needs of our members and we are committed to ensuring our members get the dependable coverage and support they need.

In addition to providing property insurance, our members can source additional coverage through our brokerage arm, Civic Risk Insurance Solutions (CRIS). For more information, visit our Brokerage Services page.