Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The MIABC has partnered with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) to offer Cybersecurity Awareness Training for MIABC members that will teach employees to recognize, avoid, and report threats, reducing cyber risk for your local government.

Criminals are targeting local governments of all sizes for fraud, malware, and other nefarious activities. Endpoint, network, application, and cloud security are critical for doing business in 2022 – but technology is not enough.

People aren’t born knowing things like password best practices or phishing red flags. People also get busy and distracted.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training is more than just taking a few courses – it’s about building a security-conscious culture, but you are going to need help from outside the IT team to accomplish that! 


Why sign up for our Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

  • Reduce time dealing with cyber incidents.
  • Improve phishing metrics.
  • Improve employee knowledge and understanding.

Train employees in an interactive way to help them build that muscle memory of reporting suspicious emails.


    CIRA Baseline Training

    Baseline Training

    Training can be delivered many ways. It can include online courses, presentations, phishing (and/or spear phishing) simulations, remedial courses, and more.

    The default initial training activities on our platform are:

    1. Cybersecurity Awareness 101 to 104 Courses: Four basic courses with quizzes at the end. Takes about 30 minutes to complete all four.
    2. Survey: Ask your users questions about their attitudes and behaviours towards cybersecurity. Takes about 5 minutes to complete.

    Phishing Simulations: A series of random phishing simulations sent to all users.

    How much does it cost?

    We have two options available for MIABC members

    Option 1: MIABC Managed Tenant

    If you have less than 100 users that require cyber security training, this option may work best for you. In the MIABC Managed Tenant, we will set up your users, manage and highlight courses for your staff, and schedule phishing simulations for you. We will provide you with data and reports of your users’ activity upon request. All you have to do is provide us with your list of users email addresses and we will do the rest. 

    • 0-10 users: $100/year
    • 11-25 users: $250/year
    • 26-50 users: $500/year
    • 51-75 users: $750/year
    • 76-100 users: $1,000/year
    Option 2: Member Managed Tenant

    This option may work best for you if you want more control of the platform including the ability to select recommended courses for your staff, schedule your own phishing simulations, view reports, and assign courses by department. Contact the MIABC for a quote. Members with over 100 users are only eligible for the Member Managed Tenant option.

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