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Member Opportunities

Membership has numerous benefits in addition to our insurance options and services.

We believe that empowering our membership also means offering them opportunities to expand their understanding of our work and their options, and to provide new avenues for exploration and growth in their communities.

Learning and Training

We offer a range of opportunities for our members to engage with and learn more about our services through training and coursework. Some areas where we provide in-depth education and seminars include:

  • MIABC University, our new virtual orientation program
  • Our annual Risk Management Conference
  • In-person regional seminars and virtual workshops

We encourage any member interested in learning more about these topics to explore and register for one of our courses and webinars. If there is a topic you’d like to see added to these offerings, please let us know.

Grants and Scholarships

The MIABC also awards grants and scholarships to assist our members in financing risk management initiatives and to promote the study of risk management.

Learn more about our grants and scholarship opportunities.

Member Advisory Groups

Our Member Advisory Groups provide us with detailed input on many aspects of our operations. As a member-owned organization, the MIABC depends on frequent and open feedback from members to ensure we are meeting their needs.

To foster greater dialogue, in 2012 we began assembling Member Advisory Groups to provide guidance on specific areas of the MIABC’s operations in addition to new initiatives. Since then, groups centred around coverage issues and financial priorities have helped the MIABC in our strategic planning. In 2015, the MIABC created two new Member Advisory Groups, one dedicated to claims and the other to member services. The groups, which meet annually in addition to communicating by email throughout the year, are made up of a diverse group of local government staff.

If you are interested in joining one of our Member Advisory Groups, get in touch with our Director of Member Services, Director of Claims, Director of Insurance or Chief Financial Officer and they’d be happy to help.

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