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Risk Management Policy Review

District of Peachland

Over the course of over three years, the District of Peachland had requested that the MIABC review its risk management policy. Each time the Member made the request, staff at the MIABC did not have enough capacity to conduct a thorough review. Instead, we were able to provide the Member with some consulting options to complete the project, as well as access to Risk Management Grant funds to pay for the work.

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Loss Control Program Stalls

This changed, however, when the Loss Control Program was relaunched in the summer of 2020. The District contacted the MIABC in the fall looking for tools to conduct a gap analysis of their existing policies and revealed that District staff had never had a chance to undertake a complete policy review. When the Member was introduced to the new services offered through the Loss Control Program, staff found that the project was, understandably, still sitting at the side of a senior staff member’s desk.

On first review, the Member wasn’t sure that the revamped Loss Control Program would provide the depth of services that they were hoping for , but the MIABC team knew that it was a good fit. . We were able to confirm by reviewing the project plans and we provided a proposal with options for how to proceed.

Although the Member did not have enough loss control points available to complete the project, it used Risk Management Grant funds to “buy” the extra points so that the project could be completed in one calendar year. It was this flexibility and problem-solving that allowed the District of Peachland to bring a long anticipated public project to fruition.


We are still in the beginning stages of this project, however, the progress we have made in the first month has been greater than in the past three years. The MIABC understands the needs of a community our size and is helping us create a policy and program that will work for our organization while at the same time meet the elements required for a good policy defence. We are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with a project that has had its fair share of obstacles before it even began. So far, the partnership with MIABC through this process is exactly what we have been looking for.

- Dennis Craig, Fire Chief, District of Peachland

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