Introducing the New Risk & Insurance Tool for Contracts

Tony Lin, Risk Management Data Analyst, MIABC
Jacinta Wu, Risk Management Advisor, MIABC

Are you curious about what level of insurance you should be considering before signing a contract? Do you rely on your hard copy of the Recommended Minimum Insurance Requirements for Contracts document (the “Matrix”) when you are engaging in work with third party suppliers and contractors?

Join Jacinta Wu and Tony Lin to hear about the exciting new Risk & Insurance Tool for Contracts. We have developed the original document into an easy-to-use online tool for our members to navigate with a series of clicks. Jacinta and Tony will demonstrate how it works and will be available to answer any initial questions you may have.


These workshops are completely FREE to join for staff of MIABC members. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the workshop.

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