Temporary Service Interruption: April 25 - May 6, 2024

MIABC Website

The MIABC is in the process of transitioning to a new IT operating system aimed at supporting our expanding insurance programs, streamlining claims handling and policy management, and enhancing data collection for analyzing claims trends. These improvements will offer our members more self-service options and free up staff time to allow us to better support members with their insurance and risk management needs. 

Phase 1 of this transition involves transferring our liability program and online Member Portal to the new system. There will be a scheduled service interruption from Thursday, April 25th to Monday, May 6th. During this period, some MIABC services might be temporarily unavailable or delayed.


Six Important Details About the Temporary Service Interruption 


  1. Certificates of Insurance: Requests for Additional Insured or Associate Members certificates will not be processed until the week of May 6th. Requests can still be submitted through our website or AskUsAnything@miabc.org. If you require an Additional Insured Certificate for a provincial ministry (other than the Ministry of Transportation), you can download one at any time by clicking here.  

     We appreciate your patience the week of May 6th as we work through processing the requests that come in during this service interruption period.

    For time-sensitive Certificates of Insurance requests, please include "urgent" in the subject line when emailing AskUsAnything@miabc.org. We will expedite these requests separately to ensure compliance with your contractual obligations for insurance documentation during our temporary downtime. 


  2. Member Portal: The MIABC Member Portal will be unavailable starting April 25th and a new Member Portal is scheduled to launch this summer. Once the new portal is ready, you will receive an email from no-reply@miabc.org prompting you to set up your login credentials.  

     After the new Member Portal goes live, you'll receive an invitation to an "Ask Us Anything" session. This is your opportunity to explore the portal's functionality, understand the updates, and ask any questions you might have. 


  3. Risk Management Grants: Grant balances will not be available on the new Member Portal until later this year. For balances inquiries or grant requests, email AskUsAnything@miabc.org. Members will be notified when grant balance information is available on the new Member Portal. 


  4. Automated Emails: During our IT transition, we've streamlined processes to enhance staff efficiency, freeing up more time for member assistance. Starting in June, certain communications including quarterly deductible invoices, claims status reports, annual premium indications, and liability renewal documents will be automatically sent from no-reply@miabc.org.  To ensure that you continue to receive these communications please add no-reply@miabc.org to your safe sender list or ask your IT department to whitelist emails from the MIABC. 

    These emails might look different from our usual communications. We encourage you to put on your cyber risk management hat and verify their legitimacy if you feel unsure about their legitimacy. If    you receive an email you are uncertain about, please contact us at 604-683-6266 or email AskUsAnything@miabc.org, and we will confirm its authenticity. 


  5. Liability Renewals: During our IT transition, we are implementing an annual Liability Renewal Questionnaire. This 10-question survey will assist MIABC in gathering essential policy details, facilitating a seamless policy renewal process, and allowing us to address any potential coverage gaps proactively. You will receive a link to complete this questionnaire in July. 


  6. Claims Handling: We will continue to promptly acknowledge and process claims during the temporary service interruption. However, please note that some members might not receive a new claim number until our new IT system is operational.  Claims can still be reported to claims@miabc.org.  


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition period. For any questions or concerns about the transition, please reach out to us at AskUsAnything@miabc.org.