MIABC Board Nominations

Board Meeting

The 36th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Municipal Insurance Association of BC's (MIABC's) subscribers will take place in Vancouver in September 2023 in conjunction with the UBCM Convention. Further details on the precise date and time of the AGM will be provided in due course.

This year, the four Deductible Group Representative positions (one from each of Deductible Groups A, B, C, and D) and the Regional District Representative position are up for election. We are currently calling for expressions of interest for these positions. As with all MIABC Board positions, the following criteria are applicable:


As stipulated in Article 3.04 of the Reciprocal Insurance Exchange Agreement (RIEA), those interested in serving on the MIABC’s Board must satisfy the following qualifications:

  • Any individual may be a member of the Board provided that, and for long as, he or she:
  • is a person who is nineteen (19) years of age or more;
  • is not a person who is of unsound mind, having been so found by a Court of Canada or elsewhere;
  • is not a person who has the status of a bankrupt;
  • is a councillor, mayor, alderman, director, officer, or employee of a Subscriber; and provided that no other councillor, mayor, alderman, director, officer, or employee of the Subscriber is also a member of the Board; and has at least one of the following four qualifications:
  • at least two years’ experience in accounting, finance, or local government purchasing;
  • at least two years’ experience in the insurance industry;
  • at least two years’ experience with local government risk management or an enterprise risk management program; or
  • at least two years’ governance experience in a regulated or publicly traded entity.

Please carefully review these criteria and ensure any prospective representative is qualified to have their name put forward to serve on the MIABC’s Board of Directors. Please also note that the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) must formally approve all Board members. In order to do so, prospective representatives will be required to prepare a Personal Information Return package, the details of which will be provided upon request. Directors currently serving on the MIABC Board have already been approved by the BCFSA and therefore need not provide a Personal Information Return package. Interested candidates may contact Lance Kayfish, Chair of the Nominating Committee, care of the MIABC’s Chief Risk Officer, Maryam Z. Sherkat, at msherkat@miabc.org. We ask that prospective representatives contact us with expressions of interest no later than March 31st, 2023.