User Group Portal

The MIABC is proud to announce your new Facility User's Portal!

The new web portal allows your facility users to arrange up to $5,000,000 of insurance coverage for their events in just a few quick steps, while making sure your local government is protected and alerting you to any cancellations or changes to the insurance policy. User groups can obtain insurance for an event at a reasonable rates both quickly and easily by visiting

There is no cost to a local government to have their facility users purchase insurance through the web portal. When facility users purchase insurance through the website, local governments are given piece of mind by knowing that insurance requirements have been met because they are automatically e-mailed a copy of the insurance certificate once the purchased is complete.  If the user makes any changes or cancels the policy, the local government is automatically notified via e-mail.  

In addition to making the process of purchasing insurance easier for local governments and facility users, the insurance purchased through the website is competitively priced.  When the cost of insurance is compared to other facility user insurance policies, 90% of the time the insurance purchased through the website is cheaper.

If you have questions, some of them may be answered in our FAQ Section. Please contact Marina Sen for more information and to make sure your local government's venues are added to the portal.

You may find a copy of the brochure by clicking here.

Marina Sen

Insurance Services Coordinator