Freedom of Information ("FOI") Requests

The MIABC’s efforts to communicate with its members must strike a balance between the need of members to be informed and the need to maintain privilege over sensitive information.  Because local governments are subject to freedom of information legislation, there are limits to how much information the MIABC can or should divulge, particularly while claims remain open. 

Having said that, the MIABC is devoted to communication with its members on as many levels as possible. Here is what MIABC members can expect: 

  • The MIABC sends out a standard e-mail confirming receipt of new claims within 36 hours.
  • Members receive quarterly reports listing all open claims and associated claim reserves.
  • Members are advised of all major stages related to a file in litigation and are provided reports following the conclusion of each stage.
  • When a claim file is closed, the MIABC will send a closing letter indicating how the claim was resolved.This will be followed by a service evaluation form requesting the member’s feedback on our handling of the file.
  • The MIABC Claims Examiners make themselves available to answer any questions members might have about existing open or closed claims, general claims issues, or issues that could later lead to claims. Feel free to contact the Claims Department at any time.
  • The MIABC’s Member Services Department will review closed claim files and provides comments to members when opportunities for change arise that might assist members in avoiding future claims. Feel free to contact the Member Services Department at any time.

CAUTION: The information contained in all MIABC reports is confidential. Members must take great care to avoid outside disclosure of such reports.  MIABC reports and claim documents must not be disclosed under any FOI requests until the member has sought the advice of legal counsel. The MIABC should also be consulted to ensure that any concerns we have can be expressed before the information is disclosed. Once information that relates to an incident or claim has been disclosed pursuant to an FOI request, a copy of that material should be sent to the MIABC.

Sherman Chow

Director of Claims

Megan Chorlton

Director of Member Services,
Assistant General Counsel