Risk Management Articles

Parks and Recreation

  • Court Finds County Liable for Bike Park Injury

    Campbell v. Bruce (County) - Stephen Campbell suffered a tragic injury while mountain biking at the Bruce Peninsula Mountain Bike Adventure Park after attempting an obstacle called the “Free Fall”.
  • Goose Management in BC

    The Canada goose. Though currently in the running to become our country’s national bird, for many of BC’s local governments it presents a unique risk management challenge. Recently, several of the MIABC’s members offered solutions to address the problem.
  • In support of a “robust” approach to children’s play

    Aron Bookman of Carfra Lawton LLP, was successful in having an action against the Corporation of the District of Saanich dismissed following a summary trial involving a child that was injured while playing a game of Grounders at a playground.
  • Monitoring of Trees in Local Government Parks

    This action arose as the result of a teenage boy falling from a tree in a municipal park. The tree in question was a swamp willow with large limbs growing near its base, located at the rear side of the Kinsmen Park in the Village of Cayuga, Ontario.
  • Outdoor Skating Rinks – On Thin Ice?

    Many of the MIABC’s members are involved in providing outdoor skating facilities in their communities. While these efforts can do much to foster a sense of community and recreation, outdoor skating rinks can pose liability issues if they are not properly operated.
  • Recreational Trails Need Not be as Risky

    Are your recreational trails “reasonably marked”?
  • Skateboard Park Signage

    Our local skateboard park has a warning sign disclaiming responsibility for injuries occurring at the park. Will this protect us in a lawsuit?
  • Swimming Pool Risk Management Tips

    With summer approaching and the warm weather already in full swing, it is a good time to consider risk management practices for outdoor swimming pools.
  • Trees: Managing the Risk

    Trees present unique hazards. They are constantly growing and changing, creating new risks as they do. Their branches grow across stop signs, impeding the view of motorists. The key to managing risks created by trees is the adoption and proper implementation of a Tree Policy.
  • User Group Insurance for Facility Rentals

    We often rent out rooms in our recreational facility to private groups for meetings and other events. We require groups to obtain liability insurance for the events as a term of the rental agreement, but we are not always sure they follow through. How are we affected if a group fails to obtain the appropriate insurance coverage in advance of an event?