Risk Management Articles

Legal Proceedings

  • Damage Awards: Wallman v. Doe

    The first paragraph of Mr. Justice Weatherill’s decision in the recent case of Wallman v. Doe says it all: “Occasionally a seemingly innocuous event can have tragic consequences.”
  • Employees Named in Lawsuit

    One of our municipal employees has been personally named as a defendant in a lawsuit. What now?
  • Incident Report not Subject to Litigation Privilege

    In Smith v Air Canada 2014 BCSC 1648 Madam Justice Gropper (on appeal) held an incident report created by Air Canada after a passenger was injured on a flight was not privileged.
  • Victoria Not Required to Pay Advanced Costs

    The City of Victoria successfully defended a Small Claims Court action for damages arising out of a brief, seven-minute detention and search carried out by a City police constable.