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Building & Land Use

  • Building Bylaw Enforcement in British Columbia

    Liability for building inspection is an important topic for local governments in British Columbia. Construction and design deficiencies often arise long after construction is completed.
  • Land Development Approval Process

    The City of Coquitlam was recently successful in defending a lawsuit in which a property owner attacked the City’s decisions – made over a period of almost 10 years – to deny a number of development applications with respect to a property in Coquitlam.
  • Land Development Approval Process: BC Court of Appeal upholds dismissal of action

    The British Columbia Court of Appeal upheld the dismissal of an action against the City of Coquitlam (the “City”) in which the City had been accused of improperly thwarting the plaintiff’s efforts to develop his property.
  • Municipal Liability for Building Inspection

    The following is an overview of the law regarding municipal liability for building inspection in British Columbia. It has been prepared for educational purposes for the use of members of the Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia.
  • New Building Act Provisions Now In Force

    New sections of the Building Act, SBC 2015, c. 2 (the Act) came into force on December 15, 2015 which has a significant effect on local government and other local authorities.
  • Service Agreements For Building Inspections

    British Columbia’s new Building Act was introduced this spring and its provisions will come into force over the next two to four years, with some components already in effect. The new legislation brings significant changes in relation to the building inspection regime and it has BC’s local governments considering its implications.